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Brunswick Funds are established by group of professionals to serve high networh individuals and corporates in Canada and now serving over 24 countries stock echanges and more than 100 private funds/family offices worldwide.

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Stock Loan

Stock loan program offers the intelligent investor a third option. That investor can hold the majority or all of his or her assets in high-yield equity securities. When the need for liquidity arises, the investor can then use those securities as collateral for a loan without forfeiting any price growth and other value increases in those securities.

Private Equity

Financial partnership investments are classified by factors such as the size of the investment, the process, and the growth rate of the company receiving the investment and are called private equity or venture capital. The term Private Equity is distinguished by the fact that the shares sold belong to a certain group and are not publicly traded.


A repurchase agreement is a form of short-term borrowing for dealers in government bonds. In the case of repo, a seller sells government bonds to investors usually overnight and buys them back the next day at a slightly higher price. This small difference in price is the implicit overnight interest rate.


Retirement Investment Fund is an asset created by the company to distribute the risk and operate according to the principles of faithful ownership of the contributions received under the retirement agreement and monitored in the individual retirement accounts on behalf of the participants.


A risk asset is expressed as an asset that carries a certain degree of risk. A risk asset generally refers to important assets such as commodities, stocks, high-yield bonds, currencies, and real estate units. A risk asset in the sense of banking, its value fluctuates with changes in credit quality and interest rates.


A convertible bond is a debt bond that allows interest payments to take place but can be converted into a predetermined number of ordinary shares or stocks. These are securities issued by the partnership that gives the right to convert the issuer into shares that the partnership will issue by raising capital and shares of the issuer that are provided by the principles set out in the circular.


Algorithmic trading, which we often hear as “algorithmic trade” or “algo trade”, is an application that uses a defined algorithm to make a transaction. Theoretically, the operations performed can become too fast and profitable to be implemented by a person.


A collateral loan is a type of loan in which real estate owned by financial institutions is shown as collateral in order to provide security when the income is not enough for the needed loan that individuals want to receive as a result of the reviews of financial institutions. For this reason, a collateral loan is also known as a mortgage loan.


Venture capital is one of the most sought-after terms on the internet by young entrepreneurs, inventors, or people with original ideas. Venture capital is one of the most sought-after terms on the internet by young entrepreneurs, inventors, or people with original ideas.