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Brunswick Funds are established by group of professionals to serve high networh individuals and corporates in Canada and now serving over 24 countries stock echanges and more than 100 private funds/family offices worldwide.

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The combination of beautiful and clean design, technology and user experience, give us big advantage in the market and differentiates our work.


Stock loan program offers the intelligent investor a third option. That investor can hold the majority or all of his or her assets in high-yield equity securities. When the need for liquidity arises, the investor can then use those securities as collateral for a loan without forfeiting any price growth and other value increases in those securities. During the term of the loan, the collateral securities are held in a custodial account and the investor can use the loan cash principal balance for any purpose, including further diversiļ¬cation and growth of the investor's portfolio.


Convertible Bond program is the perfect solution that enables investors to hold higher-performance assets in a portfolio with a simultaneous ability to realize cash liquidity as quickly as the need for cash arises. With our program, an investor can use any equity securities that are traded on a public exchange, including blue-chip corporate stock, non-marginable securities, and other equity-linked tradable products as collateral for a low-interest non-recourse cash loan. In response to our program and in a very short amount of time, investors have come to recognize Brunswick Funds as the premier lender in the international stock loan industry.


Brunswick Funds specializes in business growth-boosting and special situations investment strategies. When we evaluate investment opportunities we consider the experience of the management team, strength of the product brand, scalability of the business and ability to expand sales well above its current level. We are aiming for multiple exit strategies, such as trade and strategic sale, IPO or MBO to maximize the value of the business.