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Brunswick Funds are established by group of professionals to serve high networh individuals and corporates in Canada and now serving over 24 countries stock echanges and more than 100 private funds/family offices worldwide.

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Stock loans and fully paid securities loans have been available in different forms since 2000 in US Stock Exhanges.

Stock loans and fully paid securities loans have been available in different forms since 2000 in US Stock Exhanges. Since then, the demand for stock lending and other derivative transactions in both mature and emerging markets has grown exponentially as investment and merchant banks sought ways to leverage their securities holdings, and individual investors grew to realize the opportunities for cash liquidity that stock and fully paid securities loans offered.

We form our stock loan and fully paid securities loan programs to provide liquidity solutions for investors with holdings in most major international public securities markets. Our programs may be limited or unavailable for securities traded on certain exchanges due to regulatory hurdles and specific market limitations. In other exchanges, there may be insufficient support for stock lending from closing or escrow agents and other intermediaries. We encourage investors to contact us directly to determine whether our programs are available for specific securities that the investor proposes to use as the foundation for a stock or fully paid securities loan.

North America

  • USA – New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ
  • Canada – Toronto, TSX Venture, and Canadian Securities Exchanges

    Central and South America

  • Mexico – Mexico Stock Exchange BMV
  • Brazil – Brazil Stock Exchange
  • Argentina – Buenos Aires Stock Exchange BCBA
  • Chile – Chile Stock Exchange BMV
  • Colombia – Colombia Stock Exchange
  • Peru – Lima Stock Exchange

    Middle East/Africa

  • South Africa - Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Israel – Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
  • UAE - Dubai Financial Market


  • Austria – The Wiener Börse AG (ATX)
  • European Union – OMX Nordic, NASDAQ OMX, and Euronext Exchanges
  • Denmark – OMX Copenhagen
  • Finland – Helsinki Stock Exchange
  • France – Paris Stock Exchange
  • Germany – Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • Greece – Athens Stock Exchange
  • Italy – Italian Stock Exchange/Borsa Italiana
  • Poland – Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • Spain – Barcelona and Madrid Stock Exchanges
  • Sweden – Stockholm Stock Exchange
  • Switzerland – Swiss Exchange
  • Turkey – Istanbul Stock Exchange
  • United Kingdom – London Stock Exchange


  • Japan – Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka Stock and Securities Exchanges
  • Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
  • Singapore - Singapore International Monetary Exchange Ltd. (SIMEX)
  • Hong Kong – Hong Kong Stock Exchange
  • Thailand – The Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • China – Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • Philippines – Philippines Stock Exchange
  • Pakistan – Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges